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My experience of the International Study Centre: Rehmat's story
Your inner happiness defines your wellbeing: Rehmat from India
Studying during Ramadan: Muhammad's story
Reasons to study at Coventry University London: Q&A with International Study Centre student
New May start date now available for International Foundation Year students
What can you do with a business degree?
Additional start date announced at the International Study Centre this Autumn
New postgraduate building opens at Coventry University London
Alternatives to IELTS now accepted for Pre-Master’s students
New Master’s options introduced for progressed students
Alumni story: a study abroad experience to remember

My experience of the International Study Centre: Rehmat's story

20th July 2021

Students socialising in the ISC

Rehmat from India reflects on her time studying with us and how she made the most of studying remotely through the pandemic. Read about her experiences and advice she gives to future students who want to study at Coventry University London.

In the midst of the green, lush gardens and the sweet vibe of the city, the Coventry University London International Study Centre in Greenwich is a heart-warming place to start a new journey towards our future University experience. I have spent 4 months studying online, but every step was centred around something new to learn and adapting to that. I have been very grateful to meet people with different backgrounds who respect each other and the culture while laughing, talking and being involved through online learning. The comfortable atmosphere of togetherness that I have experienced here is what I am taking forward in my life with a smile.

Although it was a tough year and things didn’t go as planned with the studies as well as the being in the city to explore, the virtual learning was great and did keep me busy with work. The subjects as a part of my curriculum were taught with excellence and the assignments had always interested me the most. I also tried to be a part of as many groups as I could. Being the International Study Centre’s Student Ambassador is an achievement that I relish. It has been a wonderful journey for me.

To the future students out there who are also all set to take a leap into this new world, all I can advise is to be as outgoing and involved as possible. The stage has been provided to us and we need to take the best to prove the capabilities. There might be ups and downs and something you thought could have happened differently, but eventually you will come out strong and flexible enough to face the world.

With the overall experience of studying here, now I am motivated to be a part of the main University in September. I am looking forward to more opportunities, meeting more people and getting closer to achieving my Hospitality and Tourism goals. I hope to start my new chapter with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence and be successful in the field I have chosen.

Your inner happiness defines your wellbeing: Rehmat from India

28th June 2021

Students enjoying nature

For World Wellbeing Week 2021, our student ambassador, Rehmat, offers advice about how to maintain mental health as a student in these modern times. Read below to find out about how she managed her wellbeing at the International Study Centre.

With the world being in a state of despair and terror, everyone is going through a tough time. Our mental health is surely being compromised and building it strongly is of utmost importance. The more we take care of ourselves, the more can we love and admire people around us and be positive towards every approach to live a life of contentment.

Personally, I believe that the young adults of today – including me – are worried about their futures and how difficult it has become to compete these days. The pressure of work and studies scares us and we alienate ourselves from our friends and family, which is not right.

The more time you can spend with your loved ones, the more you feel comfortable and less stressed. When I could not travel to the UK, my family supported me to deal with the ongoing stress of online studies by taking me out for dinner and talking to me – their love and hugs are just so soothing in tough times.

Wellbeing is crucial for anyone who has to surpass tough situations. When one can think positive, be healthy, ignore the negative circumstances and spend time on things that you love, I guarantee you peace of mind and the urge to do better.

I have always been close to nature – morning walks with soft music and the calmness of nature has been very comforting for me. I feel complete and close to myself. These beautiful creations of God are also a way to put the mind and body to peace and harmony.

And what could be better that us giving time for our own development? Trust me, the best therapy. I also indulge in cooking, music, walks, time with friends (well, the world is connected through a video call and friends far away feel so close).

Life should be cherished and enjoyed; these are the ages that we are going to miss. I can ensure you better well being if you follow 3 basic mantras of life:

  • Be true to yourself and give time for self development and peace. Yoga, exercise, sleep and whatever makes you happy – do it for a calm body and mind. Always be your favourite companion.
  • Indulge in co-curricular activities. They are a stress booster, will help you be happy and do something other than school coursework.
  • Talk to people you love and admire. They are always going to be with you and encourage you to do well in life.

If you are happy from deep inside your heart, problems will become too small to effect you. The power of perfect wellbeing lies close to you – you need to shape your life on your terms to be satisfied and successful.

Studying during Ramadan: Muhammad's story

30 April 2021


Muhammad from Pakistan is studying the International Foundation Year in Business, Management, Accounting and Finance.

Ramadan is the month of blessings for every Muslim. I wait for Ramadan impatiently throughout the year. As a Muslim during Ramadan, I have never missed any fasts. Fasting is a time of self reflection for me and a time that challenges my faith and patience. During Ramadan, Allah Almighty revealed the Quran (our Holy Book) to our last Prophet “Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ”.

Adjusting to Ramadan without my family

This is my first Ramadan in the UK and I am missing my family very much. I am missing the fun and family time of ‘iftar’; making iftar with my family was great fun. We eat together and spend some time, we offer prayers together. Here, I am alone and I have to do Sehar and Iftar alone. However, Ramadan in London is a great experience for me, because London has a large community of Muslims, so it is very easy to find Halal foods and Asian foods.

Our ISC and teachers are very cooperative and are trying to make things easier. Some of my classmates who are in Bangladesh have iftar during class, so our tutor gives them 30 minutes or so to do iftar and come back.

How to manage

To be honest, the biggest challenge during Ramadan is the lack of sleep and long fasting hours. You can only drink and eat for around 6 hours, so it’s often quite challenging to do iftar, eat dinner and then sleep, as it’s only a couple of hours until you need to get up again for Sehar. Many Muslims choose not to sleep at all, but it is very hard for me as I have classes in morning and I have to get up early in the morning. Managing your studies and classes is one of the main challenges. You can manage your studies as you want. I always try to do my homework after Iftar, as it suits me more.

At the end, I just want to wish Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim brothers and sisters.

Discover university preparation programmes at the International Study Centre.

Reasons to study at Coventry University London: Q&A with International Study Centre student

26 April 2021

Recently, we spoke to current Coventry University London International Study Centre student Rehmat, from India. She is currently studying the International Year One. You can read all about her experience below.

Why did you choose to study at Coventry University London?

Coventry is a leading university in business and provides exposure to students in practical fields. The focus on careers, the student experience, the student satisfaction and the subject research at Coventry University London excited me enough to enrol here, so I could have an enlightened future. The excellence that this University holds is praiseworthy and it brings out a belief that students can succeed.

What made you decide to study BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management?

With the aim of being a successful name in the hospitality industry and my interest in the sector, I wanted to study the subject matters involved in it. I have always enjoyed travelling, exploring new hotels, food, businesses and new countries and this subject gives me a complete insight into my future aims.

How would you describe the support you’re offered by staff at the International Study Centre?

The staff at the International Study Centre have been so motivating and have always offered a helping hand to solve even the minor problems that the students face. Their positive attitude towards work, and the fact that they bring something new and innovative every time always impresses me, and I look forward to participating more. With such a supportive and happy team of staff by our side, you can really feel a sense of satisfaction and an urge to be better and work better.

What has been your favourite part of your pathway programme, so far?

For me, Zoom has been the only platform to interact with the teachers as well as my fellow classmates, but this has been so refreshing and good to get to know each other from far away.

The sense of belonging across various cultures makes us feel together and stronger. My other favourite part was the induction week, when we got a virtual tour of Greenwich where the International Study Centre is located.

What are you most looking forward to when you progress to Coventry University London?

Coventry University London is situated in the heart of the city and is hub for businesses, food and leisure. The University offers internships with well-known brands and I cannot wait to connect and explore the activities, societies, culture and the beauty of the city as well university life.

You can find out more about the Coventry University London International Study Centre here.

New May start date now available for International Foundation Year students

19 March 2021

Student working

If you were unable to start the International Foundation Year at Coventry University London International Study Centre, online or face-to-face, in September, November or January, you now have the option of starting in May and completing your studies in the same time overall.

Rather than waiting until September 2021, you can take advantage of the new intake starting on 3rd May 2021.

Upon successful completion of the programme and achieving the requirements, you will progress to your chosen undergraduate degree (available degrees listed below) in January 2022. The entirety of your undergraduate studies will take just over three years, including the pathway programme.

Progression degrees

The May intake offers progression to all the usual progression degrees except one, BSc (Hons) Applied Global Marketing, students can choose from:

  • BSc (Hons) Financial Economics and Banking
  • BA (Hons) Global Business Management
  • BA (Hons) International Fashion Management & Marketing
  • BA (Hons) International Finance and Accounting
  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management

More information about the International Foundation Year, including full term dates, can be found here

What can you do with a business degree?

12 November 2020

Student presents idea to the rest of the class

Studying the foundations of business at university is a great way to gain many career opportunities and find an industry you are passionate about. Business graduates are some of the most sought-after job candidates, due to excellent transferable skills developed during their studies, such as problem-solving, decision-making and analytical thinking.

As a business graduate, you gain a comprehensive understanding of a broad range of business subjects such as marketing, accounting, human resources and finance, which will thoroughly prepare you for a successful career.

What type of job can I do with a business degree?

With a business degree you will gain key business skills such as strategic planning, people management and organisational leadership - ensuring you are highly desirable to future employers. The skills built during your studies will open up a wide range of job options in a variety of business fields. Below are just a few of the possible careers that business graduates pursue.


Many business students move into the field of accountancy. If you are considering this career it will benefit you to have strong numerical skills, as your main role will be to manage money, usually within three main specialties: tax, financial and management accounting. In the UK, chartered accountants hold an average salary of around £84,500 per year, which is well above the national average, while graduate salaries are usually around £30,000 a year, depending on industry and role title.

Business Advisor

By building your business knowledge and developing excellent communication skills, you’ll be in a great position to work as a business advisor. Business advisors offer advice and support to start-ups, help established businesses grow and provide insight into market trends and new opportunities. By covering a wide range of business areas during your studies, you’ll be ready to offer advice on disciplines from marketing and finance to business plans and recruitment. Business advisors can usually demonstrate an excellent business sense and therefore have an average starting salary of £25,000 per year, and with experience can eventually earn up to £40,000 a year.


Becoming an entrepreneur can be overwhelming - there is a lot of risk and intensity involved with starting new businesses - but for the right person, it is a rewarding profession. If you are keen to build your own business, then developing your business skills will give you a thorough understanding of the business fundamentals, which is vital to your future entrepreneurial success. The salary of an entrepreneur varies considerably depending on the success of the business but, on average, entrepreneurs in the UK earn around £40,000 per year according to Indeed (2020).

Market Research Analyst

If you enjoy working with trends, numbers and statistics, this role may be for you. Market research analysts use their research to advise and support a business, providing insight about potential new markets, consumer trends, threats to the business or new sales potential. Analysts will usually have strong analytical skills, good software knowledge and the ability to explain their findings to others. Junior salaries average around £25,000 per year, which can climb to anywhere between £40,000 and £70,000+ with considerable job experience.

Sales Manager

Sales managers are mainly responsible for developing, leading and guiding a team of salespeople, although their role can vary considerably. Successful sales managers need great interpersonal skills to train, coach and mentor their teams. They also need excellent planning, organisation and forecasting skills, which can be gained through a business degree. In 2020, Indeed reported that the average sales manager salary in the UK is around £40,000 per year, although there is considerable difference based on employer and experience.

If you are unsure about your future career path, business students initially study a wide range of modules before choosing to concentrate their learning, which will help to prepare you for your future career path. With the option to choose from focused studies in accounting, finance, marketing or business analytics and more, you will be offered relevant modules that will develop your specific industry knowledge and skills.

Further study in business

Some graduates decide to undertake further study after they finish their business degree. If your interest lies in a particular area of business, then postgraduate study will help you deepen your knowledge of that and give you a competitive advantage over other candidates when applying for future roles. Completing a second degree also demonstrates your commitment to becoming a leading figure in your chosen field.

Certain career paths require further professional qualifications which you may decide to pursue after graduation. For example, if you are looking to move into accountancy, you will need to undertake professional qualifications such as a Masters of Accountancy degree to enable you to practice in the field.

Reasons to study business

Variety of opportunities

The wide range of career paths with strong prospects is one of the main reasons that students choose to study business. A degree in this field will introduce you to an array of valuable, engaging disciplines. Opportunities are available in marketing, accountancy and finance, human resources, sales, law, customer care and information technology. Your knowledge of such a broad range of business disciplines will help you stand out in your future career.

Transferable skills

Successful business people demonstrate strong leadership and communication skills, and a business degree can help you to acquire these key transferable skills. Collaborative learning, group presentations, hands-on activities and business projects will develop your interpersonal skills and build your confidence ready for the workplace.

Studying Business at Coventry University London

If you are keen to study a business degree abroad, Coventry University London is an enterprising, innovative institution that offers dynamic degrees and strong industry links, making it an ideal choice. Located in the heart of professional London, this school is a part of Coventry University, which was awarded Gold-standard for outstanding teaching and learning by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in 2017 and is rated 5 QS Star for Employability (QS Stars Rating 2019). Studying here will allow you to make the most of the UK’s biggest business city, giving you opportunities to meet and network with people from all over the world, as well as exposing you to many different career opportunities in an exciting new country.

At the International Study Centre, we offer progressional programmes specially designed to prepare students to study a degree at Coventry. In each of our courses, we will support you by teaching you important academic skills and improving your English language abilities, as well as giving you an introduction to your new life in the UK. You can choose from three courses - International Foundation Year and International Year One for undergraduate level, Pre-Master’s Programme for postgraduate level - depending on your level of study and academic needs. Each of these courses teach a mixture of core and subject-specific modules, so you can benefit from a curriculum tailored to your career goals. After achieving the required grades on one of these programmes, you will have the opportunity to progress to the undergraduate or postgraduate degree of your choice.

Additional start date announced at the International Study Centre this Autumn

08 October 2020

Coventry University London International Study Centre has added a new intake for students who wish to begin their International Foundation Year, International Year One or Pre-Master Programme in Autumn 2020.

This new November start date benefits students who are experiencing difficulties with travel restrictions from their home countries, providing them with more time to prepare for studying abroad.

The new intake will start on the 16th of November 2020, with a suggested arrival of 2nd of November 2020 for students aiming to start their studies face-to-face if two-week quarantine is required (dependent on countries subject to the UK Government quarantine) upon entering the United Kingdom. Students also have the option to begin their studies online and join face-to-face teaching at any point during the duration of their programme.

By joining the International Study Centre in November, students will be on-track to progress to their undergraduate or postgraduate degree in September 2021 as originally planned. They will benefit from our blended approach to teaching which combines face to face and online classes in order to create the safest possible learning environment.

Our students’ safety and well-being are important to us, so to prepare for courses starting on campus we have introduced several precautionary measures in and around our buildings; routine cleaning regimes, one-way systems in busy areas and new rules for lifts, communal areas, toilets and learning spaces have been established. Hand sanitiser will be available in all buildings and there will be facilities for handwashing across campus. Staff and students will be requested to wear a face-covering when inside a building unless exempt from this Government guidance.

For more information about how we are helping students transition to campus, please read our information on learning in the UK.

To find out more about the programmes on offer explore our website, or if you’re ready to apply, submit your application now.

New postgraduate building opens at Coventry University London 

28 June 2019

Coventry University London has opened a new Postgraduate Centre and Financial Suite in the heart of the City of London. Located on the fourth and fifth floor of Cutlers Exchange, Devonshire Square, Cutlers Exchange’s central location is a short walk away from our main site, University House and Liverpool Street station.

The new space provides everything students need to make a success of their studies. Pre-Master’s Programme students have access to this space throughout their pathway programme and once they progress to a master’s degree at the University. New shared study spaces encourage collaboration, with break-out areas and ‘pods’ with personal screens for team projects. A staff/student café gives students the opportunity to interact with lecturers one-to-one.

Coventry University London prides itself on offering real business experience to its students. Cutlers Exchange is equipped with the technology students will use when they enter the world of business. This includes Bloomberg terminals, computer labs and a Standard & Poor’s Market Intelligence suite.

This new facility is just one example of how Coventry University London is constantly investing in its students, giving them inspiring surroundings and the tools they need to succeed.

Alternatives to IELTS now accepted for Pre-Master’s students

 9 April 2019

Programmes for postgraduate students at Coventry University London International Study Centre will now benefit from changes to English language requirements from summer 2019.

Coventry University London International Study Centre is now part of the Office for Students Register of higher education, allowing for postgraduate students to be assessed for their English language skills in the centre. This means students will no longer be required to take a UKVI IELTS test in order to begin a Pre-Master’s programme at the International Study Centre.

Students beginning the Pre-Master’s programme from September 2019 will be able to apply using an equivalent test to the IELTS as their English qualification. The alternative tests accepted for English will be:

  • Pearson
  • Cambridge Business
  • Cambridge Main Suite

View the equivalent scores needed in these tests to join the Pre-Master’s programme.

In accepting a range of alternatives to the IELTS assessment route, Coventry University London International Study Centre will give postgraduate students greater flexibility in assessing their English language skills for entry to the Pre-Masters’ programme.

Apply for the Pre Master’s programmes online.

 New Master’s options introduced for progressed students  

 21 March 2019

Gain real-world experience to get ahead in your career.

Coventry University London International Study Centre now offers progression to six leading Master’s programmes that Coventry University London has added the option to take with extended professional practice. These are:

  • Global Financial Trading with Extended Professional Practice
  • Enterprise & Innovation with Extended Professional Practice
  • International Fashion Marketing with Extended Professional Practice
  • International Project Management with Extended Professional Practice
  • Intentional Hospitality & Tourism Management with Extended Professional Practice
  • Professional Accounting with Extended Professional Practice

Once you have completed your Pre-Master’s Programme at CUL International Study Centre, you will have the option to progress to the Master’s of your choice. Delivered over 18 months instead of 12, these new courses give you the opportunity to experience a longer internship during your course. This will give you more insight into how businesses operate and allow you time to put the theory learned in your studies into practice.

At CUL, the Careers, Employability and Enterprise team can help you find the right extended placement for you. Whatever kind of business you are looking to enter, they will find you an internship which will further your skills and experience.

Progress to a Master’s with Extended Professional Practice and prepare to enter the world of business with confidence.

Find out more about CUL’s Master’s degrees here.

Alumni story: a study abroad experience to remember

8 February 2019

Marzana studied at Coventry University London International Study Centre. Today, she looks back on her life in London – one of the greatest times of her life.

Alumna CUL ISC student on her international experience

"I have always wanted to study abroad and the UK has always been my first choice. I can say I have made the right decision – I spent the most phenomenal eight months of my life at Coventry University London International Study Centre.

Preparing for university

I believe that learning the foundations of my course and getting used to university teaching style at the International Study Centre first is better than applying for a degree straight away.

What I liked about the Centre was the mix of international students. There are people from everywhere and the whole environment of the place is really warm.

My favourite part of my studies was the coursework. The topics of the modules which I had were very interesting and my coursework helped me learn more about them through independent research.

I also liked their strategy of teaching English, which was easy to comprehend and more informal. The module helped me expand my vocabulary.

I believe that because I got good basic knowledge of finance, economics and law in my programme, I have now chosen the same mix of subjects in my university management course too. My programme will definitely help me do well in my university studies.

Support for international students

The teachers were the reason the International Study Centre felt like home.

I would like to thank the Administration team for working so hard to make our admission process go smoothly, and for helping us complete our programme successfully. My finance teacher checked my work even after his working hours and supported me with my modules. I would personally like to thank our Welfare Officer too, as she was there for me on many occasions.

As a student at the International Study Centre, I was enthusiastic and eager to achieve. This has driven me to great success in my foundation course. International students should consider the International Study Centre because of the environment and the kind of people that are associated with it.

Thank you, Coventry University London International Study Centre. I will cherish my journey here for a lifetime."

Every student achieves a place at Coventry University London in 2018

30 October 2018

CUL ISC student listening in class

Students at the International Study Centre achieved a 100% progression rate in 2018. This means that every student who completed their programme with the required grades at the International Study Centre received an offer to study at Coventry University London.

Dedicated to your success

The success of the 2018 student cohort is testament to the excellent preparation you will receive at the International Study Centre. From the necessary study skills and academic knowledge, to becoming more employable through work placements, you will be will be prepared for your dream course at the University.

Charu, from India, studied the Pre-Master’s Programme and progressed to MBA Global Business. She said: “The style of teaching is very one-on-one, as we are a small class so you get the attention you need, which is very different from what I’m used to. I think this is really helping me move on to the Coventry classroom experience.”

Learn how the International Study Centre can help you prepare for a Coventry University London degree.

Begin student life at the University of the Year for Student Experience

19 October 2018

CUL ISC student playing games in the lounge

Coventry University scoops the University of the Year for Student Experience award in The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019.

High quality student experience

Student life at Coventry University offers you the the experience of a lifetime. The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019 awarded the University a major accolade for the high quality of student experience you will find on campus.

Studying here, you will see for yourself the "innovative" and "bold" vision Coventry University has for students, as the guide's editors have described it. The University's performance ranks it in the top 50 this year, highlighting the friendly and supportive environment you will live and study in.

Gain the skills to succeed at university

Coventry University London International Study Centre will prepare you for a business degree. Based in the City of London, the centre provides international students with the essential knowledge to succeed as undergraduates or postgraduates. You will also have the opportunity to prepare for the world of work with CareerAhead activities.

Discover university preparation programmes at the International Study Centre.

Find out more about starting your studies or check the latest COVID-19 information.