CareerAhead: Prepare for your career

Prepare for a successful career with CareerAhead

From day one, we will help you to develop the mindset and focus you need to build a successful career. Our CareerAhead programme will help you prepare for the world of work by developing your skills in key areas such as planning, organisation and leadership.

CareerAhead is completely integrated into your course and personalised based on your intended career path. When you progress to your studies at Coventry University London, you will have the opportunity to build on the career-relevant foundation you have started at the International Study Centre.

What is CareerAhead?

CareerAhead is a service designed to give you a competitive advantage in the employment market. It is completely embedded in your International Study Centre course, and is personalised based on your intended career path. During your time at the International Study Centre we will help you develop key skills that will give you a head-start in today's competitive graduate employment market. As an alternative to these options, you can choose to develop a business plan (Entrepreneurship Project) or opt to undertake a dissertation. 

How does it work?

Stage 1: When you arrive at the International Study Centre 

Once you have settled in to your first semester at the International Study Centre we will provide you with a skills assessment questionnaire. This will allow you to see which skills you already have, and identify areas that you can develop. These results will form the basis of your career development plan which you can work on throughout your time at the International Study Centre and after you have progressed to university. 

Stage 2: During your International Study Centre course

During your studies we will help you develop key employability skills that will help you throughout your career. You will be taught how to write a CV and personal statement, and will develop your interview skills and presentation skills. We will work with you in a number of different ways - in small groups, in the classroom, and on an individual basis to help you develop your career development plan. This is personalised to you, based on your chosen career path, and is made up of a set of unique assignments. 

Stage 3: When you progress to the University 

When you progress to your university course you will begin to work on the assignments in your career development plan. As you work through the assignments you will develop the skills and confidence needed to secure a great graduate job. You will be helped by the career services team, who will ensure you have the support you need to begin your career after you graduate.